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I divide my time between the new forest and london- A mixture I feel very lucky to experience .

My parents are welsh and as a child we spent every holiday in the depths of the countryside so having a foot in the smoke and a foot in the mud feels very natural. As an artist , I have always been inspired by the wild and my work has always reflected this. Working with clay has the added joy of literally working with the earth.

Ode to the Wild was born after I discovered that many of the sought after candle brands, which appear to be natural, actually use synthetic fragrances, or parfum, gm soy or paraffin  wax - a derivative of petroleum which is reportedly carcinogenic.


Whilst my pottery is based on the organic aesthetic beauty of the land and seascape, I also wanted to create products which would allow people to experience the joyful rejuvenating power of nature’s scents - without harming or depleting the planet.


Candles to me are synonymous with releasing the flotsum and jetsum of life. There is something about the warm glow, and the gentle still flame, that fast tracks me to a more peaceful state. Combine that with the aromatherapy effects of pure essential oils and I'm in bliss.


Ode to the Wild bath salts and candles are made with organic essential oils. I spend a long time developing each blend of oils using top, heart and base notes to give a really sensuous and therapeutic aroma. My candles are made with the highest possible ratio of essential oils to certified organic wax and use only cotton wicks.


I really hope you love exploring and using my products. Kindness to you, and the wild.


Chloe x

A misty day in the New Forest . I don't know why but days like this always seem to hush the forest in the most peaceful way.

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