Since I began blending essential oils , I have developed a few favourites.  One of these is Cedarwood , especially Atlas and Himalayan. both are balsalmic , wondrously  woody with caramel undertones. They underlie and fix many essential oil blends on the market today. However cedarwood  grown in Morocco and The Himalayas are on the IUCN'S (International Union for Conservation in Nature) endangered list . I want to make products that allow people to enjoy the gifts of nature without harming or depleting our planet. 

At Ode to the Wild , we do not use cedarwoods harvested from these countries . Some of our blends use french cedarwood & also virginian cedarwood which is in fact part of the cupressae family in spite of it's misleading  name.

Trees along Rhinefield Drive - one of my favourite spots in the New Forest